GigE Vision Accessories


Software CD-ROM

The software CD-ROM for OMRON SENTECH GigE Vision cameras.
The package contains software, drivers and installer.
Please let our sales department know if you do not require a CD-ROM, such as when purchasing multiple units or for repeat orders.



AC adapters for camera power supply.
AC adapter does not required when camera using with PoE configuration.
The adapter supports multiple voltages (100 - 240VAC) and is RoHS compliant.
Please purchase UA310-1210 and CAB-CON-M.
* We also have a set model number.

Model No. Supported Models Connector Specifications IN OUT
UA310-1210 GigE Vision Cameras DC jack 100 - 240 VAC 12V / 1A
CAB-CON-M GigE Vision Cameras DC jack-6pin conversion cable
A set model number.
Model No. Supported Models Notes
UA310-6P-M GigE Vision Cameras Set product of UA310-1210 + CAB-CON-M

Screw-fastened GigE Cables

OMRON SENTECH has made available a line of optional screw-fastened cables in response to many requests for such cables when using GigE Vision cameras in the FA field.
A lineup of four robot cables from 3m to 15m are available.

Model No. Length Notes
CAB-GE-03-RB 3m Robot Cable
CAB-GE-05-RB 5m
CAB-GE-10-RB 10m
CAB-GE-15-RB 15m

Tripod mount

Optional adapter for fastening the camera with tripod screws.

Model No. Supported Models Notes
TP-KWA GigE Vision M Series
TP-KWA-IEA The optical center from bottom plate on M series,
adjusts to one on S series.
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