The frame rate dose not increase even reduce resolution by ROI function on StViewer.

It is possible to not increase frame rate depending on frame rate setting or exposure time setting.
The exposure time setting has to be set less than “1 / frame rate setting” (second).

Please check below settings to increase frame rata.
1. It is necessary to do NOT acquire image.
2. Sets target frame rate at “AcquisitionFrameRate” under “AcquisitionControl” under “RemoteDevice”
3. Selects “OFF” at “ExposureAuto” under “AcquisitionControl” under “RemoteDevice” to disabled auto exposure function.
    Selects “OFF” or “Timed” at “ExposureMode” under “AcquisitionControl” under “RemoteDevice”
    Sets exposure time that is less than “1 / framer rate setting” at “ExposureTime” under “AcquisitionControl” under “RemoteDevice” when selecting “Timed”.
4. Please check frame rate after acquiring image.

How can I confirm frame rate on StViewer?

The frame rate and image transferring speed are displaying at lower right of StViewer.
Frame rate: XXX[fps]
Image transferring speed: XXX[Mbps]

Please enabled “Status bar” display by below steps when frame rate and image transferring speed do not display at lower right of StViewer.
1. Selects “View” at upper left of StViewer.
2. Selects “Status Bar”.

How can I save camera settings onto camera with StViewer?

The camera settings can save onto with UserSet function.
Please follow below procedure for UserSet function.

1. Select “UserSet1” at “UserSetSelector” under “RemoteDevice” – “UserSetControl”.
2. Select “Execute” button at “UserSetSave” then current camera settings save onto UserSet1.

When select “UserSet1” at “UserSetDefault” under “RemoteDevice” – “UserSetControl” then camera starts with camera settings on UserSet1.

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