USB3 Vision

Does StCamSWare have drawing function to draw lines on image?

The drawings such as glid lines, lines, rectangular and circle, can be draw on preview window.
1. Selects “Tool Bar” under “Draw” on the menu.
2. Draws drawings with select drawing type on drawing tool bar then draws drawing on preview window.
3. When modifying drawings that are already on preview window, drawings can be modify after selects “Draw property” under “Draw”.
4. When selecting “Save” button on “Draw property” window, current drawing data can be save.
When selecting “Yes” on message after selects “Save” button, this drawing data loads automatically onto preview window from StCamSWare runs next time.
When selecting “No” on message after selects “Save” button, drawing data save onto file, but does not load even StCamSWare runs next time.
5. When selecting “Load” button on “Draw property” window, saved draw data can be load onto preview window.
Please delete or remove draw data from saved folder when loading draw data automatically is not necessary.

How can I save image with capture funciton of StCamSWare?

It is necessary to select save image then save image when saving acquired image with capture function of StCamSWare.
“Blue frame” of image on Thumbnail window is target image for saving.
1. Selects “Snap Shot” under “Capture” on menue then acquires image.
2. It is necessary to check selected saving target image has Blue frame before save image.
Then selects “Save” after right-click then image saves.
When selecting “Direct Save Snap Shot” under “Capture” on menu, image saves onto specified foler at “Direct Save Snap Shot Setting”.

Is there any caution when saving movie with StCamSWere?

The preivew image may freeze while making movie file.
In this case, saving image process is on going.
It is necessary to reduce frame rate to reduce amount of data to create file, or save onto SSD, to prevent freezing preview image while saving movie.

How can I save image with drawing on StCamSWare?

Selects “Draw To Snap Shot” on “General” Tab of Draw Property window after drawing.
*Draw Propety window appears when selects “Draw Property” under “Draw” menu.

Can I process simple measuring with drawing function on StCamSWare?

The default unit for length of drawing is “pixel”, but unit for length of drawing can be changed to “mm”.
If one pixel corresponds xx mm on displaying image can be defined, sets “1/xx” at horizontal pixel size and vertical pixel size then simple measuring can be done.

How can I confirm frame rate on StCamSWare?

The procedure to confirm frame rate.
1. Selects “Callback” under “Option” in menu on StCamSWare.
2. Selects “FPS” on right side of Callback setting window then selects “<-Enable” button.
The frame rate displays right top on preview image.

Can USB3.0 camera connect to USB3.1 port?

Yes, USB3.0 camera can use with USB3.1 port.
However, camera operation is USB3.0 operation.
(When connecting with USB3.1 port, camera cannot operate faster more than USB3.0 performance)

Does USB camera can use with Windows XP?

USB cameras can use with Windows XP environment.
Slow frame rate, or image could not acquire image even recognize USB camera may occure depends on performacne of USB host controllor and CPU on Windows XP environment.

Where can I find sample program for acquired image by Sentech SDK, use with OpenCV?

Please referes OpenCV sample code when acquired image by Sentech SDK, use with OpenCV.
The acquired image by Sentech SDK, copy to buffer for OpenCV then color conversion or display image with OpenCV functions.

Which camera driver is included in Sentech SDK?

Sentech SDK includes “Sentech GigE Vision filter driver” for our GigE Vision cameras.
This filter driver does not work with GigE Vision cameras from other camera manufacture.
Sentech SDK also includes device driver for our USB3 Vision cameras.

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